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Updated works


Grand opening of the Drawing Hotel, Paris

The Drawing Hotel in the heart of Paris is opening and I made the 5th floor

Thomas Broomé uses repetition, a recurrent theme in his work generally, in his piece for the Drawing Hotel. Broomé uses many supports, from the traditional paintbrush to new technologies such as film, music, and advertising. On the fith floor, in one of the Drawing Hotel’s suites, Broomé ceaselessly reiterates words drawn on the corridor’s walls with varying perspectives.


Exhibition at Galleri Rostrum, Malmö, Sweden

My First solo exhibition in Malmö, Sweden

Seven years later Thomas Broomé returns to the series of drawings which were the starting point for one of Swedens most interesting contemporary artists. Thomas first major exhibition in Malmoe, Sweden features a brand new installation of: walllpainting, drawings and blinking lights.


Time waits for us

Galleri Magnus Karlsson is pleased to announce a group exhibition that will be on display throughout the summer. In conjunction with the inauguration of Nationalmuseum’s temporary space with the exhibition Carl Larsson - Friends and Enemies in our building (The Royal Academy of Fine Arts), we will show Time Waits for Us . This exhibition presents new works by all of our gallery artists.


Not to touch the earth, soloexhibition at galerie Bendana-Pinel, Paris

The latest works of Thomas Broomé are inspired by Andy Warhol and in particular from the 1988 Sotheby’s auction of Warhol’s estate and art collections where over ten thousand lots were sold. The paintings of Broomé confront us with an image of unknown figure of Andy Warhol or maybe we should call him by his real name here: Andrew Warhola. Through these canvases Broomé takes us into a private world of his New York residence. By way of a set of colored lines, characteristic of Broomé’s work, he recomposed almost obsessively, the inhabited room (bedroom, TV lounge…) of Andy’s Victorian style palace, the contrary of what we would imagine to be the residence of the pop art icon. A palace crammed with treasures, some of them in unopened original wrapping. The hoarding of objects were so severe, that many of the Townhouses 30 rooms were impossible to enter.


Ja Natuurlijk/Yes Naturally, Gemeentemuseum Den Haag, Holland

Yes Naturally is an art exhibition at the GEM Museum for Contemporary Art, Fotomuseum and Gemeentemuseum Den Haag raising the fundamental question: What is natural? And who or what decides? International artists present new viewpoints, challenge old patterns and encourage sustainable behavior.


Market, Fredsgatan 12, Stockholm

thomas broomé, richard johansson, susanne johansson, charlie roberts & lisa jonasson


Casa Vouge, article in the october issue of italian Vouge

Thomas Broomé wandering with Ingmar Bergman.

2012-11-10 - 2012-14-10

Frieze Ar Fair, London

Booth E1: maria nordin, mamma andersson, jens fänge, jockum nordström, thomas broomé, lisa jonasson, peter köhler & amy bennett

2012-09-13 - 2012-12-02

150 years of Swedish art, Hillstrom museum, Minnesota

150 Years of Swedish Art features forty-four paintings that provide an overview of the history of Swedish art since about 1862 until the present time, demonstrating the wonderful vitality of that tradition. 150 Years of Swedish Art, the most ambitious exhibition of the Hillstrom Museum of Art to date, is part of the Museum's celebration of the Sesquicentennial of Gustavus Adolphus College, founded in 1862. Around half of the artworks have been lent by Stockholm's Nationalmuseum, while the rest are on loan from Moderna Museet. These sister institutions are the two most important art museums in Sweden. Although the artists represented in the exhibit are of fundamental importance in the collections of those national museums, many of them are not yet well known in the U.S.

2012-08-01 - 2012-09-09

Silent revolution, Talinn Art Hall, Estonia

We live in the era of change and uncertainty. A short while ago we spoke about
postmodernism dominating in the culture, liberal capitalism in the politics and economy and wellbeing in the social sphere. We have begun to comprehend that postmodernism has ended or has reached a deep crisis: the discourse of multiculturalism and identity is being shadowed by global integration; cultural relativism and deconstruction has been replaced by metamodernistic universality.

2012-04-19 - 2012-05-20

The Guest, Galleri Magnus Karlsson, Stockholm 2012-04-19

Thomas Broomé was the first contemporary artist to receive the Foundation of Bergmangårdarnas Art Grant in the summer of 2011. The grant allowed him to spend three months at the Bergman estate, and it is from this stay that this exhibition has its starting point. Besides being inspired by Bergman’s persona, Broomé was also influenced by the 56 meter long building by the sea, it’s history and the mythical tension of the building. Broomé's visit and his personal experience with The Hour of the Wolf in the Bergman house has influenced him to create a unique exhibition, which take us to, an beyond, the rooms at Hammars and a world of mystery writing and light installations.

2011-06-30 - 2011-10-01

Recidency at Ingmar Bergmans house, 3 mounths

The Bergman Estate on Fårö welcomes artists, scholars and journalists from around the world. We offer free accommodation and a place of work in an environment intended to nurture contemplative and creative work – the same environment that inspired Ingmar Bergman in his own artistic pursuits through forty years.


Galleri Magnus Karlsson, #94/725
The Armory Show, New York 3–6.3 2011

Thomas Broomé has made seven new works specifically for the fair, five paintings and two sculptures. In Broomé’s works, the material is a carrier of information, but the information is also bound into the material. The two are patiently woven together and end up creating new and unknown properties. In the new paintings he has developed his technique ‘Dunkelskrift’, in the sculptures he has experimented with 15 tons of pressure and engraved texts that can only be seen under a microscope.


****Collection on display*****

Gothenburg Artmuseum has rehanged their permanet collection. "Eggshell mind" Can now be found in the beautiful sculpturehall.



I finally got around to updateing the work section.

2010-08-26 - 2010-10-03

Groupshow at Galleri Magnus Karlsson, Stockholm

TODAY IS YESTERDAY TOMORROW, All the Gallerys artist will participate with an old and a new work, since it is the Gallerys 20th anniversary.

2010-03-13 - 2010-04-30

Galerie Bendana-Pinel Art Contemporain

My first soloshow at Galerie Bendana-Pinel, Paris.


"Frieze art fair"

Magnus Karlsson Gallery


Public art sculpture in Karlshamn


Exhibition at Stenasalen, Göteborgs Konstmuseum


Albumcover for Peter Bjorn and John

The Band used a painting (Trophyroom) from the exhibition at Magnus Karlsson for their new album "Living Thing". Jacob Frössén made the design and it looks great!


THE ARMORY SHOW, NEW YORK Galleri Magnus Karlsson Pier 92 / Booth #724 4-8.3 2009

Visit the Magnus Karlsson Gallery and look at a new painting "The inner circle" from me


The exhibition "From Place to Place, 2" opens at Skissernas Museum in Lund. The Museums collection is focused on the sketches for public art works and they are showing new accusitions and projects. "Holding Hands" the sculpture for Karlshamn is among the exhibited pieces


Update of some of the works from 2008



2008 has been a great year for working and sadly the update of this site suffered as a consequense of deadlines. But be prepared for a major update in the beginning of 2009 with lots of new works: paintings (yes it is true) and several sculptures.


Exhibition at Magnus Karlosson Gallery, Stockholm

My second exhibition at the gallery: This time I have made a radical turn and started painting. The show features four big paintings, three new sculptures and a video of withering flowers


Thomas Broomé på Teatergalleriet

Med teckningsinstallationen ModernMantra, är vi glada att få välkomna Thomas Broomé, känd för sin mångsidighet och sitt banbrytande sätt att fusionera olika uttrycksformer och tekniker.
Genom upprepningar av ord, som språkliga tecken, men även som formgivande byggstenar i själva avbildningen, tecknar Thomas Broomé, omsorgsfullt med drag av mani, miljöer och ting och skapar på så sätt ett spel med semantiska nivåer. Tingen bär sina namn på sina ytor liksom varor behäftade med sina varumärken. Miljöerna som skildras är också upprepningar. De upprepar föreställningar vi redan har och som orden ger upphov till.


A sculpture for "Take action" at Museum for world culture in Gothenburg

"Take Action! 83 Ways to Change the World", is about individuals who occupy land, refuse to follow orders blindly, create armies of clowns, crochet their own Gucci bags or start up their own banks. It is about people who ask questions and fight for a better world. About individuals who sacrifice their own lives for others. How would you like to change the world? My contribution is a small boy made out of plaster who sits in an school bench and has a cracked head. The sculpture is entitled "Eggshell mind" and is about how an impressionable mind can be altered.


A sculpture for Karlshamn

I have been given the rare oppurtunity to make a sculpture for a square here in Sweden. It is for a newly built complex in Karlshamn. It is an area that is going to mix education, living and business. I am really excited about this and will post images on the work in progress later on.


Blogs, blogs, blogs.

Something has happened. There has been over 240 000 individual visits on this site since January this year. This is amazing and in terms of getting through to the world a revolution for me and my work. The credits for this should of course be given to all you bloggers that have appreciated my work so much that you actually published it on your sites. Thank you for all your appreciation and the fact that you have helped in spreading my work to so many persons from all over the world. You are truly great and I am overwhelmed by all your positive feedback. It is mainly the ModernMantra series that has been given lots of attention, but lately the visitors has also surfed into: Locust, XII, DogCat and all the other pieces that I have made during the years. All this attention has given me all the inspiration that I could ever hope for and I am now in a frenzy stage of making new works for exhibitions and public sculpture. All of this is going to be published later on this year and I am also trying to manage to get the video part of the site up and running.

Thank you again for all your support.
Thomas Broomé


Illustration for the New York Times

I was given the opportunity to make an illustration for the NY Times this weekend (Sunday magazine).


"Armory Show 2007 "

Galleri Magnus Karlsson will present: Thomas Broomé, Roger Andersson, Lars Arrhenius, Niklas Eneblom, Tommy Hilding and others.


"Kaos von Linné "

During Carl von Linnés 300 years anniversery, there will be a large exhibition touring Sweden and other countries. Three artists has been invited to do their interpretation of Kaos and Order. The Artitsts are: Thomas Broomé, Elisabeth Westerlund and Charlotta Östlund.


"arty, SVT tisdagen den 7e november"

Arty är konstprogrammet som på allvar menar att samtidskonsten spelar roll. Den berör och provocerar. Den får oss att gråta, skratta och kan göra oss fly förbannande. Samtidskonsten säger något unikt om vår tid och besitter en makt som gör det angeläget att prata om den.


"Skapande människa"

Stiftelsen skapande människa delade i år ut stipendier till: Thomas Broomé, Jenny Wiklund och Goldin+Senneby.


"Frieze art fair"
Magnus Karlsson Gallery (Booth F9) presents Amy Bennett, Thomas Broomé, Mamma Andersson, Klara Kristalova, Jens Fänge and others


"20 år! Stipendiater"

Bonniers Konsthall i centrala Stockholm är en ny plats för svensk och internationell samtidskonst.
Konsthallen invigs med grupputställningen "20 år! Stipendiater Maria Bonnier Dahlins stiftelse 1985 – 2005" 24 september - 17 december 2006


Among Gnomes and Trolls

Summer exhibithion with the gallery artists, 17.6 - 1.7 at Fredsgatan 12, Stockholm


Umedalen skulptur 2006

Utställningen öppnar den 10 juni och pågår fram till den 3 augusti 2006. Deltagande konstnärer är förutom mig själv: Juan Munoz, Marianne Lindberg De Geer, Sean Henry, Maria Misenberger m. fl.


AnimalWorld på Borås Konstmuseum

Animalworld 8 juni - 10 september
Djuren i människans värld.


Touching the invisible at Färgfabriken

Finally! The touring show: Touching the invisible, from the group Smart Studio, is in Stockholm at last. Here you can try out some of the pieces I made during the years at Smart Studio: BrainBar, HellHunt and BrainBall and three other installations from the group.



MARKET is a new art fair, offering art enthusiasts a wide selection of the best in Nordic contemporary art. I will show two new pieces at Galleri Magnus Karlssons Booth.


ModernMantra at Borås Konstmuseum

a new BIG soloshow in Sweden is opening at Borås Konstmuseum 2006.


Nya arbeten på papper, Galleri Magnus Karlsson

Parallellt med Petra Lindholms utställning visas nya arbeten på papper i
galleriets andra rum. Medverkande konstnärer är Roger Andersson, Thomas
Broomé, Niklas Eneblom, Jens Fänge, Carl Hammoud, Johanna Karlsson och
Jockum Nordström.


Touching the invisible: DogA, Oslo

The fourth stop on the T.T.I.V. exhibition tour has now opened. In Osla at the DogA centre, our dear neighnours in Norway can imteract and play with the exhib.


Touching the invisible: ICA, London

The third stop on the T.T.I.V. exhibition tour has now opened. At the Institute of contemporary art in London the visitors can interact with the invisible flow of information that is gathered from, and channelled through electronic and digital technology. The hybrid works occupy tangible physical spaces, but really come alive through the personality and behaviour of the people using them. Each project opens many different kinds of questions and possibilities that can be applied in a wider range of contexts that are not purely art or science related.


QTVR of the show "How an empty vessel moves"

Take a virtual tour around the latest show at 300m3 in Gothenburg. Drag the cursor to change direction, point at the objects and openings to explore the exhibition.



"How an empty vessel moves"
Soloshow at 300 m3, Kastellgatan 22, Göteborg

This exhibition features new works in different medias put together to produce an experience which you have to meet physically to fully comprehend. A completely reworked version of the knifeHand sculpture playing "Finnish roulette", a lightning flash showing the creation of the universe in a jubilee of light. A vase controlled by invisible forces searching for content and meaning, while the watchdog circles on the other side, and the flowers slowly withers and dies.


Samtidskonst för lärare och andra intresserade

Publikation från Moderna museet i samarbete med Lärarförbundet.
Tolv skribenter med olika bakgrund – filosofi, idéhistoria, ekonomi, film- och konstvetenskap och konstnärskap – bidrar med olika perspektiv under huvudrubrikerna: *Rastrerad verklighet *Globalt, lokalt, glokalt *Cross-over *Om politiskt medveten konst.
Medverkande författare:
Milou Allerholm, Thomas Broomé, Charlotte Budler, Lars O Ericsson, Maria Heimer Åkerlund, Maria Lind, Mikela Lundahl, Mats Stjernstedt, Lars Strannegård, Annika Wik, Elin Wikström, Jun Yang.


Moscow Biennale

In the section paralell program of the first Moscow biennale (Russia), the brainBall is presented in the show: "I click therfore I am", at Mars Gallery.


Exhibition at ALPHAarte, Brugg, Switzerland.
I am participating with new series of work "aModernDayMantra". A repetition of words that make up the dreams of the modern consumer.


Pictures from the exhibition at Ludwig museum, Budapest

Heres some nice images from the exhibition in Budapest. The Cultureminister Leif Pagrotsky (taking a drink), the Crown Princess of Sweden talking about HellHunt. And installation pictures from the exhibition.
Read an article abouy the exhibition here:


Smart Studio
Touching the invisible, First stop Ludwig museum in Budapest, Hungary 19 Oct - 28 Nov
The research team in which I worked in the latest five years, are doing a European tour 2004-2006. Works feutured in the exhibition include HellHunt, BrainBar and BrainBall. This is the perfect way for me to say farewell to a fantastic time with my colleagues and friends, with an equally interesting exhibition.



New design 2004
Finally we made a new design for the brainBar, of course we didn't settle with this: we also made a more intrusive/parasitic entity that is mobile i.e. it can be used in any bar. And thanks to our good friends at Glittermek: it looks fantastic.


SAK, yearbook

Svensk Konst nu, 85 konstnärer
Sveriges allmänna konstförening har i dagarna släppt sin årsbok, 2004. Årets tema är samtida konst och lyfter fram 85 konstnärer födda efter 1960. Som enligt författarna Sophie Algårdh och Estelle af Malmborg, representerar olika nyorienteringar inom dagens konstnärliga uttryck.



The paper about HellHunt was presented at the international conference/exhibition Isea2004. The conference was centered around the baltic region with venues in Helsinki, Finland and Talinn, Estonia.


Design: Thomas Broomé