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The Eaters

Solo exhibition at Galleri Magnus Karlsson, Stockholm

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A Table For One

Solo exhibition at Bendana-Pinel, Paris


Autumn Windows for Hermès, Singapore

Drawing Hotel

The fourth floor of Drawing Hotel, Paris, France

La Maison

Spring Windows for Hermès, Shanghai, China

I had the extreme pleasure of doing the spring windows installation for the newly opened Hermès flagship store in Shanghai.
A true learning experience and an inspiration working with a fantastic team.

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Breaking Point

Galleri Magnus Karlsson, Stockholm, Sweden

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Pieces of Andy

Galleri Magnus Karlsson, Stockholm, Sweden

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Seven years later and the little Guest

Solo exhibition Rostrum, Malmö, Sweden

Seven years later Thomas Broomé returns to the series of drawings which were the starting point for one of Swedens most interesting contemporary artists. Thomas first major exhibition in Malmoe, Sweden features a brand new installation of: walllpainting, drawings and blinking lights.

Gravity's Pull

200 x 300 cm Acrylic on canvas.

For years I have been having a large frame standing in the studio. I have been circling around it for some time, but suddenly it was clear that this was the image that needed to come out and now there are several more that wants to be realized and bound into the materials

Not to Touch the earth

My second solo exhibition at galerie Bendana-Pinel, Paris.

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Lots (Warhol collection)

As part of my exhibition "Not to Touch the Earth" I made a feast on the Warhol collection of Art. 31 paintings with an option to expand the banquet to accompany more guests at the table.

The Guest, Galleri Magnus Karlsson, Stockholm

My Third solo exhibition at Galleri Magnus Karlsson, Stockholm.

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Solopresentation at the Armory Show, New York, 2011

Galleri Magnus Karlsson, #94/725

Exhibition at Galerie Bendana-Pinel, Paris 2010

My first solo show at Galerie Bendana-Pinel Art Contemporain, Paris

New accusitions, Moderna Museet, Stockholm 2010

Three of the new accusitions were presented Kaspar Bonnen, Thomas Broomé and Kristina Jansson.

Stena Salen, Göteborgs Konstmuseum 2009

A soloshow at Stena salen, the show was curated by Lena Bouthius and I am very thankful since I always wanted to exhibit there since I was in Art School.


The public art-piece "HoldingHands" is now in place at the town square in Karlshamn in the south-east of sweden.

Paintings 2008

These are the paintings from the show 556 Hz at Galleri Magnus Karlsson. A whole new way of working with the ModernMantras: now in colour and they are BIG!

Eggshell mind

A sculpture of a small boy sitting at a school bench. He is as white as the unwritten paper in front of him, but the image darkens when you walk behind him. His fragile head/mind has a wound as from a blow or an implossion of the mind.

Its only words (Lena)

I have begun a new series with portraits in the same manner as ModernMantra. But I am now making it in colour and on a new paper. It is also bigger in size and I am really excited about this new turn in the textdrawings. Which in my opinion shows the existential aspects of the drawings in a new way.


A lifesize sculpture in painted acrylic glass, of a man built up with 1x1x1 cm cubes (pixels). The man has a innerlight which makes him seem like he just stepped out of the screenbased world into ours.

New Drawings from the ModernMantra series

There were seven new drawings presented in the show at Galleri Magnus Karlsson in Stockholm.


A small (1:5) sculpture of a man getting shot from behind.

"Low_res / Hi_res" at Galleri Magnus Karlsson 2006

During November through December 2006, I had a show titled "Low_res / Hi_res" at Galleri Magnus Karlsson, here in Stockholm. This show featured some new works: low_res_man, Looking, VII, new drawings from the ModernMantra series. But it also had prints of the ModernMantras available and an old favourite: structPong, which I made 1995 in a new version.

Exhibition at Borås Konstmuseum

A large and somewhat comprehensive exhibition of works mainly from the last years, but ranging from 1995 to 2006. Here you may enjoy classic pieces as: HellHunt and Locust, but also the new series of drawings ModernMantra and the sculpture DogCat.


A dog and cat fused together where the dogs head furiosly chases the cats tail. A frozen moment in the everlasting battle between the two archenemies within oneself.


14 drawings of the modernMantras.

"How an empty vessel moves"

This exhibition features new works in different medias put together to produce an experience which you have to meet physically to fully comprehend. A completely reworked version of the knifeHand sculpture playing "Finnish roulette", a lightning flash showing the creation of the universe in a jubilee of light. A vase controlled by invisible forces searching for content and meaning, while the watchdog circles on the other side, and the flowers slowly withers and dies. 

QTVR: Take a virtual tour around the exhibition. Drag the cursor to change direction, point at the objects and doorways to explore the exhibition. Click text to begin!

"Touching The Invisible"

Pictures from the exhibition at Ludwig museum, Budapest
Heres some nice images from the exhibition in Budapest. The Cultureminister Leif Pagrotsky (taking a drink), the Crown Princess of Sweden talking about HellHunt. And installation pictures from the exhibition.
Read an article abouy the exhibition here:


New design 2004
Finally we made a new design for the brainBar, of course we didn't settle with this: we also made a more intrusive/parasitic entity that is mobile i.e. it can be used in any bar. And thanks to our good friends at Glittermek: it looks fantastic.

KnifeHand [the son]

A mechanic sculpture of the headless body, of a seven-year-old boy. The body plays the mindless game in which a knife is stabbed in a furious tempo between the hands fingers. The maximum speed of the piece is 1/10 sec per stroke!

Coca-Locust family

*ONGOING* This work is a collection of the different labels sold world-wide by the Coca-cola company. Please help me to collect by sending me the 33 cl cans that I miss on my list. I will make them into a global swarm of migrating coca-locusts. Thank you for your support!

HellHunt II - 666 sec

Manipulated tv-programs
11,1 min


120x90x90 mm
Cut-out and folded from Coca-cola cans.


Various sizes
Results of a paranoid webspider.
Manipulated photographs


23 flowers, computer screen.
EEG, flowers that wither and die, computer program.


Laserbeam in room.
Surveillence camera, software, lasersight.

Desktop x 4

Four lifesize workstations


EEG, headbands, computer, ball
Smart Studio / Interactive Institute


EEG, bottles, booze, mixers, receipt,

Old works 1995->

A selection of some of my earlier work.

Shocked 1995->

A selection of early games I've made.
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Design: Thomas Broomé